Drop(letell rock)


The paper ripped along the dotted line(s – when the one line breaks up to become lines, but it is the same line if the broken parts are imagined) until the end but took a detour haphazardly towards a parallel dotted line(s – do) and reaching it, refracted along.

Subverted the rectangle. Averted.

each rectangle tears differently/effect of weather maybe/paper towel changes in softness every time

 The skin remains damp. Nails can still grip the skin, every now and then when rubbed across each other. Palms don’t make the rough sand paper noise.

wet sanding over cloudy plastic/to make it clear

 The floor creaked at the angular force that the impulse/movement/decision to leave the kitchen exerted on the wood underneath. The steel nails trembled as if a train is passing below. A slow whistling noise, like some bug’s mating call, a mechanical whistle of the train and the clanking of the wheels, screeching almost, making music rang through the world outside the blinds, where the air was colder.

derailed/another layer of removal/ introduced


A perfunctory glance at the faucet revealed the beginning of the journey of a spherical droplet elongated at the bottom gravitating towards a flatness, an almost loss of dimension. At this moment the drop encountered a rogue faction of the smoke left from burnt food that escaped the electric chimney’s gravity and was floating over the sink. The drop was sliced up by the layer of smoke but came together again to form a translucent onion spiraling inside. Complete transparency was clouded by anarchy of the free folk, drifting along to find any significant dimension at all, at least in the eyes of the viewer, but were dispersed by the water bullet. Little sparkly fractions were lost from the surface of the droplet as it descended. They joined the smoke and brought it down.

A ragged rock pierced the fabric of the gushing, foaming wave to separate the curtains. The sun peeked in at an angle. The curtain receded.


A drop freed from the wave wanted to encounter the rock. What will happen to it? In flight, having just found a sense of separation it saw a blurry mass ahead of it. It did not know at what angle it was about to hit the rock. Accordingly, it may scatter, bounce, flatten (in what proportions?), but anyway find some new direction, a whole lot of motion arrows in imagined space. The eyes needed time to get used to the sunlight, there was still a thick film of some amphibian protective tissue over it making it cloudy, imperceptive to the warm glow of the bulb.

sensation(raw data)+friction(against time)=emotion(for archival purposes)

 The droplet hit the flat metallic bed of the sink to be flattened and assimilated into the small puddle which waited to gain momentum and hence approach the full fall into the darkness of the pipe and join the long queue to the wave.

moisture in paper too well transfers to hands/water on hands transfers to paper too well

 Drrrrrrrrrrrrp! Position handle. Wait. Silence.